Welcome to National Hemp!

We are rebuilding several industries.  This site will be an on-going process of evolution for the plethora of hemp related businesses and markets.  It is our hope that you will grow with us.  Our goal is to create a single stop for discovering new technologies, finding great strategic partners, creating opportunities, and discussions on how to re-grow multiple industries around industrial hemp.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.



MISSION STATEMENT: NationalHemp, LLC, is a for-profit trade association of growers,
importers, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, end-users, and future merchants of
industrial hemp-based products throughout the USA, dedicated to advancing industrial
hemp access through public awareness, lobbying, advocacy, consulting, public relations,
market expansions, education, research, publications, professional development,
certifications, member services and benefits. NationalHemp, LLC is supported by
membership dues, product sales, public events, advertising sales, and capital contributions
of its limited liability company members.

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