Votive by Vótano – Peppermint

A Hemp  infused candle.

Votive by Vótano – Peppermint


A Hemp  infused candle.


Cánna-Chi candles are made from USDA T1 Certified Grade Palm wax shipped from a Brazilian Palm Plantation, that follows high-environmentally safe standards. Palm wax is ideal for Florida weather because it will not sweat or begin softening as opposed to soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin waxes. Another great feature of Palm wax is the controlled height of the flame. The low flame results in a low carbon footprint. Vótano Industries LLC commitment to an ecologically friendly environment determines the use of Palm Plantation and their wax. Cánna-Chi candles are “hand-made with love” and only have organic and all-natural materials. There are no added chemicals or toxins whatsoever! We utilize the healing powers and therapeutic benefits of all-natural essential oils instead of fragrance oils that only smell good. The wicks are 100% Hemp and enhance the slow burning process of our Cánna-Chi candles. All natural dyes made from crushed up leaves and shrubs determine the color of the candle. We infuse the candle with micro-doses of Hemp paste enhancing the therapeutic properties to what aromatherapy is SUPPOSED to be.

Cánna-Chi candles natural and organic ingredients:

  • Palm Wax
  • Hemp wick
  • Natural dyes
  • Essential oils
  • Hemp paste
  • Virgin Hemp seed oil

The Cánna-Chi product line does not contain THC.

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